Moonlight Music Productions

est. 1998

   At Moonlight Music Productions, we offer first rate CD duplication. We use high quality artwork (printing) and duplicators. We hand package every piece of product and shrinkwrap them for a very professional look. 

    We print directly on each disc with a thermal printer that will not rub off. Your product will look as good as it sounds! We use a high quality silver disc and print with black ink. We also can print in other solid colors.

    One of the biggest benefits we offer here at Moonlight over our competitors is you do not have to order a huge amount of CDs at one time. Most companies require you to order at least 1000 CDs. Sure, you may sell those in time, but why have them sitting on the shelf when that money could be in your pocket until you need it? That doesn't make any sense does it? We allow you to order in quantities as low as 50 at a time! 

     We absolutely promise you that when you order from us, your CDs will ship out in less than 48 hours. Most orders ship the same day! We have built our business on this model and have the track record to back it up. We WILL meet your deadline. You can rest assured of that.

     Want a large order of CDs? We do that too! We recently filled an order for a Gospel Quartet that was for 68,000 CDs at one time! It was a huge job and we delivered in two weeks faster than we promised we would! 

   You will have a great product at an affordable price. We promise you that.