Moonlight Music Productions

est. 1998

     The staff at Moonlight Music Productions is diverse and well experienced.   Mark Forester is the Owner, Engineer and Producer. Mark also plays Guitars and Drums on sessions. He has produced more than 500 full length Gospel Music CDs and can help you achieve your best possible sound.   John Henry Denner IV is the staff Pianist, Organist and Charting Arranger. John is truly gifted and one of the finest piano players in all of Gospel Music. John has played on several hundred sessions here at Moonlight Studio.   Rob Mills plays Electric, Bass, Acoustic, Mandolin, Fiddle and more! Rob has been involved in Gospel Music recording for many years and brings a great flair to each project he plays on. With Rob Mills on your CD, you can be sure to have a great sound.  Maria Grigoryeva contracts with us from St. Petersburg, Russia. She is available for hire on all of the projects we work on. She plays Violin, Viola and Cello. She is the ultimate professional and her playing is superb. Her music credits are impressive. From prestigious orchestras to film and video game music scores, she is amazing.   Paul Thompson does the mastering for Moonlight Studio. Paul runs Paul Thompson Mastering in Wooster, Ohio and is an exceptional mastering engineer. His work is the polish that makes your CD shine! Paul gives life and clarity to all of your music.   Andrea Forester runs our CD Duplication department. She works extremely hard to make sure your orders are processed on time and correctly. She will make sure you never run out of CDs and that they arrive in a timely manner.

Mark Forester          John Henry Denner IV              Rob Mills                  Maria Grigoryeva            Paul Thompson          Andrea Forester