Moonlight Music Productions

est. 1998

Recording Studio Time:     $40 an hour

Editing, Tuning and Mixing:    $40 an hour

Custom Soundtracks:    $165.00  

This includes: Piano, Bass, Electric, Bass, Acoustic, Mandolin, Drums, Percussion, Keyboard Orchestrations, Organ, Keyboards.

Track overdubs extras:

Steel Guitar, Fiddle, Harmonica, Dobro are $50 extra per track. Not each.....all of those can be added to a single track for only $50 per track!! These are done by a fantastic session player named David Johnson. David has played on many of Gospel Music's best CDs.

Live String Orchestrations:  

   Violin and Viola can be added to your song in multiple parts and overdubs. Usually 18 or more tracks, for only $125. 

  This is done in St. Petersburg, Russia by a fantastic Violin team we work with.  Cello can be added to that for an additional $60.   This is an amazing value and the quality is first rate. You can hear samples of this on the video demo located on the studio page.

Graphic Design:  

    This is quoted on a per job basis. we strive to be very affordable. Some jobs are quoted flat rate and some by the hour.

CD Duplication:

   We offer two types of packaging here at Moonlight, we do the traditional plastic cases, as well as the newer, popular cardboard sleeves.

    We have you purchase your print up front, (these are usually ordered 1000 pieces of print at a time) then you can order as many CDs as you want packaged and we will print the disc, duplicate, package and shrinkwrap it. You can order as few as 50 at a time! No need to have 1000 CDs on the shelf. Order as needed. Of course, if you need a big order, we can do that. We recently did an order of 68,000 CDs for one customer! We can do it all!

Traditional Cases

Print Cost:   

$125 for 1000 inserts and tray cards 

Duplication and Packaging:   $1.35 each  (min order of 50)

Cardboard Sleeves

Print Cost:   

$100 for 100 sleeves  

$165 for 300 Sleeves  

$200 for 500 Sleeves  

$275 for 1000 Sleeves    

 Duplication and Packaging:   90 cents each  (min order of 50)