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est. 1998

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   Moonlight Studio is a full service, Gospel recording studio. We use the latest in equipment. We record with Pro Tools 12 and utilize many of the best audio plug-ins such as Slate and Wave plugs-ins. We can hand tune every note sung with Melodyne (not that you need it, lol) and have a great selection of microphones to fit every voice or instrument that comes along.

   We have three sound proof booths as well as a drum room. We have a great selection of instruments available. (check out our amazing equipment list page)

    More important than our gear (and we have a list on this site) is our experience. We have produced more than 500 full length CDs here at Moonlight and countless custom soundtracks. 

   We can record soloists, duets, trios, quartets, large ensembles and mass choirs. We have made many CDs of those very groups. We have recorded people from MI, IN, OH, KY, TN, GA, FL, TX, PA and Canada

    We have produced all kinds of Gospel Music, Southern Gospel, Bluegrass, Folk, Choral, CCM, Piano Instrumental and more. We are ready for your next CD to be recorded here too. 

    We have fair, low prices for high quality work. We will work with your budget and deliver the quality you deserve.

 Custom Soundtracks

     One of our trademarks here at Moonlight is our Custom Soundtrack work. We produce HIGH quality soundtracks to your original song or just any song you may want to sing or record with. We don't have to have sheet music,  (although we can read it!) just a simple demo of what you want. We can add all the instruments you need to have that great "Nashville" sound ....without going to Nashville. From simple instrumentation to a full orchestra with 24 tracks of Live string sections, we can deliver the best quality track at a fraction of the cost.    

     We do a lot of soundtrack work for songwriters around the nation. Have you written a Gospel song? Have us make you a great track for it. We can even sing a demo with Background Vocals for you.

Partial Client List:

Jim Brady ( Jim Brady Trio ) recording Background Vocals a few years ago at Moonlight Studio. This was on a project for a soloist.

Rob Mills Family, The Gospelmen, The Royalheirs, Common Garments, Meadow Baptist Church Choir, Arbor Baptist Church Choir, Vickie Atchinson, Beulah Land Quartet, John and Kate, The Foresters, Cyle Cornish, Carl Ledford, Bryce Feighner, Saved By Grace, The Maendels, Souls Harbor, Mike Baker, Dominique Cubas, Ruth Wilson, Lynn Webster, By His Grace, Phil Taylor, Northern Edge, Ed Lane, Rusty Nail Crossing, Grover Kahl, Bill Blount, Judy Morse, Jose Cubas, Bought & Paid For, Tammy Bingham, Forester Brothers Family, His Strength, Sisters In Harmony, Don & Kim Case, The Sheldons, Gloria Lynne, The O'nans, Praise Trio, Sisters In Song, Tennile Coston, The Harmonaires, Mark Smithey, Refuge, Crossroads Country Band, Linda Koning, Alvin Zystra, Jordan Demasellis, Exit 180, His Harmony Quartet, The Melody Makers, The Heath Family, Midwestern Baptist College Choir,MBC Trio, Bob Morse, End Time Element, Dave Strength, Sue Kahl, Adam Hoisington, The Dobbs Family, Lonnie Dowdy, Ron Lucas Jr, Darlene Davis, Highest Praise, Souls Harvest, Stephen Forester, Allelujah Quartet, John Henry Denner IV, Frank Senters, Melissa Benderman, Zach Wagner, Tammy Bingham and many.....many.....many......more!!!!